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December 25, 2012
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A carrie ("carries" = plural) is a small fairy-like creature with very human-like appearances. They're often about the size of a thumb, but their height differs, much like their whole appearance. To fully describe what a carrie might look like, we need to explain their purpose further.

First of all, carries cannot be found from our world. They live in a dimension separate from ours, but are still tightly connected with us humans. That's because the whole reason to their existence is to guard their human pair's (or guardee's, as they're called in their world) heart. Whenever a carrie is born, it's given a necklace with a heart-shaped stone. This stone is the heart of the newborn carrie's human pair and the carrie is to protect the stone with their life. The tougher the carrie, the stronger willed guardee.

Due to the strong bond between a carrie and it's guardee, the thoughts of the human pair often meddle with the carrie's appearances: meaning that the carrie often looks like what their guardee dreams of looking like. As for aging, carries age with their human pairs. The only difference is that unlike the humans, who age physically the more years they've lived, carries age physically when their guardees' mind matures. Therefore some of the carries might look child-like even with their human pairs being 60-years old.

It's possible for carries to even grow wings. This can happen when their guardee has found the thing they're good at (like writing, drawing, singing... you know, their special talent). Even though humans can be good with many things, carries can only grow one pair of wings. So they grow their wings when their human pair has found the thing they do the best.

Whenever the guardee of the carrie is struck with really powerful negative emotions, the carrie might see a vision of what's happening in the human world. During these visions the carrie loses the control over its body and may do things without itself knowing. And this is the sad thing about these little creatures: carries, those usually so peaceful, jolly and loving creatures tend to get violent when it's about their guardees. If a guardee in the human world, for example, hurts another guardee verbally, the same damage of the one who got insulted will be felt by their carrie as well as physical pain caused by the carrie of the bully.

Seeing that carries cannot control the actions of their guardees, they cannot help losing the control of their bodies. Their sorrowful fate is to just try to deal with the pain and hang on, protect the heart they were given in their birth. Most of the carries practice martial arts in order to be able to protect themselves and their guardee's heart in case an attack should happen.

As the guardians of their human pairs hearts, carries are the ones to take care of their guardees' love business as well. When a guardee falls in love, the stone, the heart the carrie of the said human is responsible of, will become a magnet and will be attracted by the stone of the carrie of the guardee to whom the owner of the heart is in love with. If the love is returned and not just one-sided, the two carries will proceed to change their necklaces. The hearts can never be changed back this meaning that even if the love between the two carries human pairs faded, the hearts would still be with their new carries. This is dangerous because when the heart is not with the carrie it was meant to be with, the guardee becomes more fragile and might get hurt more easily.

Carries die if the heart they carry is broken. This basically means that if they do their job well protecting the said jewel, they can live as long as their guardee. Sometimes shatters of the heart can remain even if broken and if those shatters are reattached to each other, the carrie may be revived. It's a rare happening, but possible.
I got the idea for these creatures a couple years ago at school. I actually have a story idea based on these.

Oh, and just so you know: I don't mind if you want to create a carrie of your own based on this information, but please ask for my permission before doing so. I spent lots of time creating these species, after all, so I'd really appreciate proper credits.

Picture examples coming up as soon as I get the scanner working again.
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I think what's missing for me is a description of the world/dimension/plane that the carries inhabit. How did an entire species come to be just to look after human hearts? How does it affect their dimension? Are there other species there? Also, what do they eat? Do they need to sleep? What happens if a carrie is accidentally killed? (Ooh, maybe that's where heart attacks come from! That'd be an interesting twist.) Other than that, the growing wings thing is pretty cliche, but the rest of this is neat.
L-Storyteller Jan 7, 2013  Student Writer
Hm. Good points you have there. ._.
I haven't considered it that thoroughly quite yet and I was pretty much just trying to give out the basic idea. Your questions are quite inspiring though and I might just add some details to this later on when I've managed to develop these ideas further. :'D Thank you very much for your feedback. <3
hehehe. If I pointed you in the right direction, I'm glad to help. The world of the writer is run on answering tough questions. And also coffee. Mostly coffee. Anyway, good luck with working out the details, and with writing a carrie-centred story :)
L-Storyteller Jan 7, 2013  Student Writer
Ah, coffee... the one thing which I haven't had enough lately. Damn withdrawal symptoms. :I
Carries well they explain another random person i've been seeing in my dreams again.. xD
L-Storyteller Dec 26, 2012  Student Writer
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